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​   Fly Tiers Anonymous started as a group on Facebook in June, 2014. It grew from a single like to 4,400 people strong, and serves to fuse various forms and styles of fly fishing and fly tying. Whether it's high mountain trout streams or sandbar flats for bonefish, our page captures the creativity of novice and experienced tiers alike. Together on one platform tiers and anglers discuss, share, and learn skills of the trade through their interest, experience, and passion for the art of fly tying and fly fishing. If you are reading this, than you too seek the waters and fish that serve to feed our addiction. 

   The Fly Tiers Anonymous Shop is geared towards introducing emerging fly tiers to a growing community in search of innovative, handcrafted products tied and fished by dedicated anglers. Our tiers are as unique as their proven patterns, and each individualizes in specific species and locals across a broad expanse of North America. If you're looking for a specific pattern for steelhead in Canada, one of our tiers has the fly. If predatory fish are your quarry, again, one of our tiers will provide a pattern that's time-tested and proven to catch those trophies. 

​   We also have an increasing line of trusted angling gear. Every week our inventory is being updated with new products and flies. So, be sure to check back on the store regularly because what you might not see today, you may find tomorrow.  


Fly Tiers Anonymous, It's An Addiction ..    LET'S TIE ONE ON!!!! 

It's An Addiction !