kennys deer hair mouse
Kenny's diver options
Size Option

Kenny's Deer Hair Mouse

​$5.00 each

Wooley Buggers

Beaded or No bead

Tied in sizes 6 through 10

$2.50 each

Package deals with half or full dozen orders

Rob's Carp Tickler

​$3.25 each

Rob's Mouse

​Flymen Double barrel popper head

​$6.25 each

Kenny's Deer Hair Frogs

​$11.00 each

Kenny's Deer Hair Divers

$9.00 each

Silver Pheasant Baitfish

​2/0 Sakuma stainless hook

​Flymen fish mask and eyes

​3 for $18.75

Erie Shiner

​Flymen Fish Masks and Ice eyes

Size 3 or size 4

​$24.00 per 6 fly

Kenny's frogs
wooly bugger
Bead Option

It's An Addiction !

Fly Tiers Anonymous